Notary office in Nice

A notary is a legal professional and a public official. With the sole authority to receive authentic instruments and to issue enforceable copies, a notary is historically seen as both a justice of the peace for families and the issuer of balanced and impartial deeds. The areas covered by a notary traditionally include family law and real estate.

Yet the 21st century notary today acts as a business adviser, provider of tax advice, and issuer of deeds relating to company law.

Notaries have also developed complementary fields such as property valuation, negotiation and conflict resolution.

Furthermore, notaries have necessarily worked more closely with technology (electronic deeds, data rooms, etc.) and with the international field (European law, conflict of laws, implementation of international conventions).

Our office is the convergence of a classical, traditional notary (the office was established in the 14th century) and a modern notary firmly committed to the future.